Sofas, Chairs & Sectionals with Nailheads



Nailheads are a big accent on today’s living room furniture.  Nailheads can accent the lines of furniture so the eye is drawn to the subtle details on a frame.  Below are just 3 of the styles we regularly sell with nailheads on them.  In each case the nails add a bit of personality to the piece.  I find nailheads can allow a customer to add some pizazz to their look without adding loud colors or vibrant prints.  This subtle accent is timeless and therefore the customer doesn’t have to worry about their furniture going out of style anytime soon and they also do just end up with a vanilla look.    Stop by Saugerties Furniture on Main St. in Saugerties to see our full display of furniture with nailhead accents.


393 Sectional with nailhead detail on the front arm panels

393 Sectional with nailhead detail on the front arm panels


383 Sofa with nailheads on the front rail

388 Sofa - Nails accent the Charles of London Arm and the Tootsie Roll back

388 Sofa – Nails accent the Charles of London Arm and the Tootsie Roll back


Leather Sofa Arm

Smith Brothers of Berne Leather Types

I had a leather refresher this afternoon form a vastly knowledgable representative from Smith Brothers of Berne and I wanted to share it on our blog:

There is no global labeling standard for leather used in upholstered furniture.  The definition of various types of leathers can vary from website to website.  Here is the inside story on Smith Brothers Leathers.

All Smith Brothers leathers are 100% top-grain, in other words they are the top layer of the hide that had the hair attached to it.   This is the most durable part of the hide.  No splits or synthetic materials are used on the sides or backs of their furniture, just real leathers.

All Smith Brothers leathers are Full-Analine dyed.  The color is dyed throughout the hide not just the top surface.

Some Smith Brothers leathers are Full Grain.  Full Grain hides are untouched and retain natural surface variation.  Some leathers are Corrected.  The degree to which the hide is corrected depends on the leather series.  Many of our Smith leathers have subtle correction but retain the beauty of full grain hides.

Smith Brothers leathers are also broken into Pure Analine & Semi-Analine finishes.  Pure Analine leathers do not have a protective coating and are most susceptible to patina (stains, scratches, aging) with use.   Semi-Analine leathers feature a protective coating that allows spills to be wiped up and the extra layer handles daily traffic without much change in the finish.  Since leather is a natural product some degree of patina or normal wear will occur over time.

Full Grain, Pure Analine leathers are great for a more “natural” or “heritage” look in leather.  These leathers will soften and patina overtime.  Our thickest leathers are Full Grain leathers.

Corrected, Semi-Analine leathers offer great everyday usability with a variety of finish choices from “natural” to “painted leathers” – These are our best sellers for as long as I can remember selling leather.

Pigmented, Semi-Analine leathers offer an added layer of pigment on the surface of the hide and has a more uniform look to the leather surface than some corrected leathers.

I’ve had leather for over 10 years with children and pets.  There is no easier to care for upholstery available than real leather.  The added benefit of luxurious touch and classic style make leather a great choice for your next living room or family room addition.  Visit us at Saugerties Furniture Mart for leather living room furniture.  You’ll find a very large assortment of quality leather furniture made in the USA and available in your choice of over 100 leathers at no additional cost with special orders delivered within 35 days.

-Jonathan 3rd Generation Owner Saugerties Furniture Mart

Semi-Analine w/ mild correction.

Semi-Analine w/ mild correction.


Full Grain- very thick, Pure Analine with a wax finish for a crackled look. Great for pets!


Full Analine with an uncorrected finish – Full Grain Leather

Smith Brothers of Berne 397 Sofa & Sectional Group

New to our floor is the Smith Brothers of Berne 397 Sofa & Sectional Group.  A wonderfully comfortable tight-back sofa design from Smith Brothers built to their high standards for quality and comfort its perfect for the customer who is looking for a cleaner look without back pillows.  This 397 Smith Brothers group is available in farbic and leather or you can even do both!   See our full collection of Smith Brother’s living room furniture here.

Choose from over 1000 fabrics and 100 leathers to make the 397 perfect for your home.  Quick 30 day delivery, for beautiful furniture that’s made to last- that’s Smith Brothers.397-sectional-fabric

Click here to see the 397 on our website

Click here to see the 397 on our website

Top Grain Leather

Leather Sofa ArmCustomers ask me all the time “is that real leather?”  At Saugerties Furniture the answer is always YES!  We only offer top-grain leather on all of our Smith Brothers of Berne Leather furniture.  Sofas, chairs, recliners and sectionals are all available in 100% top grain full leather.  Why top grain only? Only top grain leather because of its inherent durability, comfort and longevity.  A quality leather sofa will see many years of use with annual conditioning.
There are a lot of leather substitutes on the market today and many are deceiving to the customer.  Some of the most popular are:
Bonded Leather
Bonded leather is not leather at all, rather a vinyl sprayed on cotton fabric with leather scraps ground up and sprayed on the back of the fabric to resemble leather.
Bicast Leather
Bicast leather is again not really leather.  Bicast is a leather split with a thick coat of PU or polyurethane applied to the surface to enhance texture and create shine.
Corrected-grain Leather
Low quality leather with an artificial leather look applied to the surface of a hide that would be otherwise not useable for furniture. 
These leather substitutes offer cost savings at the expense of long-term usability and comfort.   Cracking, peeling, and seam separation is a common complaint.  Lack of breathability is another issue with synthetic leather.  
See a selection of our top grain 100% leather sofas here:

Jonathan, 3rd generation owner of Saugerties Furniture