Canadel Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture for the Holidays @Saugerties Furniture Mart

Your family is coming for the holidays and your dining furniture isn’t up for the task.  Who can make you a custom designed dining room in time for the holidays? Saugerties Furniture and Canadel will deliver to your home a solid birch dining set made the way you want and built tough to hold up against daily life with minimal care.

 Order your dining set by November 17th and Canadel will build and custom finish your perfect dining room table and chairs for Christmas dinner.
Canadel offers a huge range of sizes and table shapes, stylish leg and pedestal choices and the most comfortable and durable dining chairs we’ve ever sold!  Many tables are available with multiple leaf extensions to accommodate multiple sets of guests.  Buffets, servers, storage cabinets and china cabinets are available to match.  All these options plus over 60 stains and paints available in a matte finish or antique distressed finish.  Matching barstools are also available in a range of size and design options.
Visit Saugerties Furniture for a large assortment of Solid Wood dining furniture, tables, chairs, barstools,  hutches, buffets, servers and cabinet storage pieces and pub sets made the way you want it.  Browse Canadel’s choices here.Canadel Furniture

Saugerties Furniture Mart- Canadel Gourmet Custom Dining Review

Today we received Canadel’s latest collection – Gourmet Custom Dining.  Gourmet is best described as a “Canadel -Lite” or “Canadel for the Kitchen” custom dining furniture program.   Solid Canadian Birch tops and seats are finished with Canadel’s famous worry free catalyztic finish for years of stain free use.  The chairs are  four-way finger jointed and bolted together for strength and  durability.  Choose from solid top or 1-leaf tables in a variety of shapes: rectangular, round, oval and square dining tables are available.   Customize your set by choosing the chair, leg and table edge to compliment your style. Fabric Parson chairs are available too!

The BEST PART of Gourmet is that there are 10 chair choices all at THE SAME PRICE!  No upcharges to make the table and chair set the way you want.

Solid wood, a worry free finish, and the ability to customize your style for no extra charge makes the Canadel Gourmet Collection a great addition to our floor.  Stop by Saugerties Furniture Mart on Main St. in Saugerties 7 days a week for to shop for your new dinette set!

See some example sets created below:

Click here for more Gourmet Dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet Dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Click here for more Gourmet dining options!

Saugerties Furniture Mart – Smith Brothers of Berne Livingroom Furniture Review

In over 68 years we have never done business with a company that can turn out stylish bench-made furniture as quickly and as consistently as Smith Brothers of Berne.  We have over 30 models of Smith Brother’s sofas on our floor and custom orders are delivered within 35 days in both fabric or 100% leather.  Smith Brothers builds their furniture from the start to last for years  in your home.  They use solid maple frames that are doweled and glued, high quality coil spring support systems and attention to detail in the way they upholster the furniture that make for a well made piece of living room furniture.   The best feedback we hear from customers is how well the Qualux Ultra 2.5lb density cushions hold up.  Smith Bros. of Berne uses Qualux Ultra because it allows for a comfortable seat that will remain durable and resilient for years to come.  Few companies use 2.5lb foam due to cost, Smith feels it’s the most important part of the sofa.  Overall we rate Smith Brothers of Berne furniture 5 stars+ for the quality and integrity of their furniture.

Stop by Saugerties Furniture Mart on Main St. in Saugerties 7-days a week to try our Smith Brothers of Berne Living Room furniture today!  See a video of Smith Brothers Operations done by Larry King here.

Smith Brochure

The Inside of a Smith Brothers of Berne Sofa or Sectional.

The Inside of a Smith Brothers of Berne Sofa or Sectional.

Saugerties Furniture Mart – Club & Accent Chairs

A good way to spice up an old space is with new Accent/Club chair.  We have over 20 new designs from Best Home Furnishings, Rowe Furniture, & Smith Bros of Berne that just arrived for the New Year.   Some are classic designs in new fabrics and others are brand new styles!   Made in USA with high quality hardwood frames and a large choice of fabric to compliment your decor.   Choose your chair, choose your fabric and enjoy!   Below are a few of our better sellers under $499.  Stop by Saugerties Furniture Mart on Main Street in Saugerties, NY, open 7 days a week, to find your perfect chair.

View our full selection of chairs on our website.

View our full selection of chairs on our website.

View our full selection of club chairs on our website.

View our full selection of club chairs on our website.

View our full selection of chairs on our website.

View our full selection of chairs on our website.

View our full selection of club chairs on our website.

View our full selection of club chairs on our website.

View our full selection of club chairs on our website.

View our full selection of club chairs on our website.

Saugerties Furniture Mart Review – “I really appreciated the entire experience”

Happy Holidays to all!  We’ll take the next three days off to get ready to be fresh to furnish your home in 2015!   Here are some kind words from a satisfied Saugerties Furniture Mart customer.  Visit us 7 days a week for all your furniture and mattress needs.  We deliver furniture and mattresses throughout the Hudson Valley!


Service, choice and attention to needs were excellent. Delivery was timely, technicians careful, considerate and thorough. I really appreciated the entire experience. Thank you.   E. Graham

Click here to read what our customers have to say about us!

Click here to read what our customers have to say about us!


Saugerties Furniture Mart – New has a new look and new features. We’ve changed the position of a few links and gone to a responsive design meaning you can browse our furniture on your tablet or phone easier.  Plus  more products are online than ever.   Our website is a great way to browse for new furniture without ever leaving your home, but for the full experience shop Saugerties Furniture Mart on Main St. in Saugerties NY.  We’re open 7 days a week in Saugerties.

Click here to browse our site.

Click here to browse our site.

Saugerties Furniture Mart – Quality Furniture is the original Eco-Friendly Furniture!

It seems like I hear another story about another piece of furniture that was built of substandard quality or was inappropriate for a consumers needs that has to be trashed – and it makes me sad.  Disposable furniture is everywhere today.  What can seem like a great deal can quickly deteriorate into a living room annoyance!    All this cheap, disposable, shoddy furniture ends up in our landfills.  Quality furniture like what we sell at Saugerties Furniture Mart will last longer and very often, from customer feedback, is passed on to another generation for continued use.    Quality American Made Furniture is the original Eco-Friendly furniture.   Better quality furniture has wood frames vs. composite chip board and steel springs instead of plastic webbing etc. You may think quality = more $$$, but you’re wrong!  Buying right once is always less expensive than buying twice!   Here’s some advice when shopping for furniture.   Be a smart shopper ask what’s inside, how its made, & where its made so you don’t end up with a wobbly uncomfortable piece of furniture.  At  Saugerties Furniture Mart we stick to a “family standard” above the rest when selecting furniture and vendors to offer to our customers.  We’d love to you show you what’s inside and help you pick the right furnishings for your home.    You’ll be amazed at how much quality you can get for your $  at Saugerties Furniture Mart. Saugerties Furniture Mart is open 7 days a week to help YOU!  No pressure, just knowledgeable help, the kind only a multi-generational family owned store can provide. Check out the constructions of our Smith Bros. of Berne sofas below!  Just one quality USA Made brand we offer.


Frame Construction

  • Reinforced Joints

    All high-stress joints are double-dowelled, glued, screwed, and reinforced with solid maple corner blocks, making them extremely durable.

  • Built-in Legs

    Legs are built directly into frames, not attached separately as a final step.

  • Hand-made Quality

    All frames are assembled by hand by skilled experts.

  • Hardwood Maple

    All Smith Brothers frames are built from the finest kiln-dried maple hardwoods.

  • In-house Mill Room

    Our lumber is cut and our frames are assembled by our own experienced craftsmen at our facilities in Berne. We do not outsource our framing as many furniture manufacturers do.

  • Strong Base Rails

    The critical, load-bearing front and back rails are made of 1 1/4″ solid maple lumber for superior strength and to eliminate warping in the frame.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We offer a lifetime warranty on every frame, guaranteed against warping or breakage.

Spring Units

  • Coil Spring Units

    Under every seat cushion is a pre-engineered, heavy-gauge coil spring unit. These units are the best available in the industry and ensure rugged durability for many years.

  • Bent-Up Front Edges

    The front edges on most of our spring units are elevated and flexible, providing soft seating even at the very end of the seat, and increasing the wearability of this high-stress area.

  • Secured by Hand

    Coil spring units are positioned by hand to the frame using high-quality suspension springs.

  • Firmer Outer Coils

    The coils along the edges of our spring units are made of a thicker wire than the coils in the center, so the seat is firmer on the outside for more support.

  • Individual Support

    Coil spring units are individually supported in each position so each person sits independently.

  • Silent Operation

    Our coil spring connections are insulated with protective coating to eliminate noise as you sit and get out of the seat.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We offer a lifetime warranty on every seat spring unit against breakage and loss of resiliency.

Foam and Padding

  • Highest Quality Foam

    Our seating foam cores are the highest quality available to the furniture industry.

  • Fiber-Wrapped

    We wrap all seat cushions individually in a layer of polyester fiber for perfect contour and softness.

  • Well-Padded Arms

    We pad each arm with foam, cotton, and fiber for maximum comfort and a beautiful, finished look.

  • Chambered Backs

    Back cushion fiber is blown into chambered bags to minimize settling and sagging over time.

  • Firmness Options

    We offer three different foam core firmness levels so you can find the seat that matches your needs.

  • Quality Testing

    Foam cores we receive from our vendors are put through specialized testing to confirm that they are consistent to our exacting standards.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We offer a lifetime warranty on all seat foam cores against flattening or loss of resiliency.

Motion Furniture

  • Hardwood Frames

    Like our stationary furniture, we use the finest hardwood maple for our motion frames, and reinforce all high-stress joints with double dowels, screws, glue, and corner blocks.

  • Triangle Brackets

    As an added measure of support in the high-stress areas of our pressback recliners, we use heavy duty triangle metal brackets in the joint corners.

  • Exclusive Arm Supports

    We designed our own exclusive arm support system to reduce the arm wobble that is common to other manufacturers’ recliners.

  • Coil Spring Seat Units

    We use coil spring seating units—an uncommon feature is most motion furniture.

  • No-Sag® Back Springs

    Where most manufacturers use a woven fabric to support the backs, we use No-Sag® back springs in most pieces.

Canadel Dining Furniture – Tables & Chairs

Canadel is my favorite dining line ever!    This line has been allowing people to customized their dining set since 1982.  A family owned company from Canada you can feel and touch the pride that goes into each piece.   Choose your table shape, size and number of leaves then choose your leg/pedestal, edge and color(s) to make it just the way you want it.   Finish your set off by choosing the most comfortable and appropriate chair style for your decor.

We carry all the Canadel collections and over 20 dining sets plus plenty of extra chairs and accent pieces so you can see and touch all your choices on our floor.  PLUS every Canadel custom dining table comes with a self-storing FULL leave, not a folding leaf that leaves you with more seams.  Check out this video to see how their self storing leaf works.  Notice the heavy duty gearlock system which makes opening the table super easy.

Did I mention you never have to polish your Canadel…its Catalytic varnish is impervious to stains and very easy to maintain.  Stop by Saugerties Furniture and let us show the beauty and quality of solid wood dining furniture from Canadel!

See our Canadel choices here :


Decor-Rest living room furniture

The #1 Canadian furniture manufacturer is now at Saugerties Furniture Mart.    When I shop for a new line I look for style, quality and attention to detail because I know my customers come to Saugerties Furniture for just that.   Decor-Rest has been on my radar for a little while as more and more Made in USA manufacturers call it quits or downgrade their quality below our strict standards.  Decor-Rest makes well-made fashionable furniture that’s affordable for any home.

Why I chose Decor-Rest (and why you should too)

  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Air-Dried Solid Maple or Birch Frames
  • Heavy Guage Spring System w/ extra lateral support
  • Self-decking – seat deck covered in matching upholstery
  • Edge Roll – keeps your cushions from popping out
  • VALUE – custom made sofas for the same price as stock items in a big box store

Here’s the whole inside story!  There’s even a choice of Firm, Standard and Soft cushions to meet an individual’s needs all available at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

  • Click Here to See Our Decor-Rest Offerings on our Website

    Click Here to See Our Decor-Rest Offerings on our Website

Furniture Delivery in the Hudson Valley & Beyond!

Where do we deliver?  Throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond!  Having a tough time finding American Made Furniture built with real quality you can see and touch?  Come to Saugerties Furniture Mart you’ll see quality the minute you walk in the door!

We deliver throughout the Hudson Valley.   North to  Greene County, The Capital District and up into the North Country, South to Westchester,Putman, Orange and Sullivan Counties, East to Columbia and Dutchess County and West to Delaware County EVERY week.  Our customers regularly travel from 40+ miles all in search of the same thing quality, comfort and some knowledgable help.  Our store is staffed by family so there’s no pressure to buy and our Everyday Low Prices ensure you get the best price when you’re ready.  In addition to quality furniture fairly priced we offer many no charge options – fabrics, finishes, hardwares so you can get your furniture to fit your lifestyle and decor.

Need some help call me, Jonathan, 3rd Generation Owner, @ 845-246-3677 Ext 4 or come to Saugerties Furniture and see the difference OVER 66 YEARS of experience makes.

View a sampling of furniture at

Click here for delivery information.

Click here for delivery information.