Great Bed Advice

Hook & PinBeds come in different shapes and sizes just like people, which one is right for your home is a matter of personal preference but there are a few things one should look for & consider when purchasing a new bed consisting of a headboard & footboard plus side rails.

 1.  Hook & Pin design.  Many beds today are cheaply made and assembled by screwing the bed together from the front of the footboard and from the rear of the headboard.  Within a short period of time the bed will loosen and there will no wood for the scews to grip when you try to tighten the bed. The tradional way of having hooks in the side rails that slide into a notch in the footboard and headboard to set on metal pins will never require tightening.


 2.  Center Support:   Mattress manufacturers all require center supports on Queen and King Mattresses for proper comfort and warranty.  Look for, at minimum, one center leg on all queen and king beds.  We believe a little support goes a long way and I personally prefer when Full, Queen & King beds have center supports and even Twin beds when they will be used for adult sleeping.  We can add center support to any bed to meet a customers need.


 3.  High or Low Footboards:  Low footboards are a fairly recent trend in bedroom furniture.  Their great for smaller rooms or taller people.  Making the bed can also be easier with a low footboard.   Low footboard beds have the same support & stability as a high footboard but they offer a cleaner more modern look.
4.  Fabric Bed:   If you have antiques or are looking for some personalized pop in your room choose a fabric bed from Norwalk Furniture, available in over 800 fabrics and leathers they can coordinate with anything.


We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed; buy it right and buy it once at Saugerties Furniture in Saugerties NY.


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