The Importance of a Bed in Your Home

During a recent family outing to the FASNY Museum of Firefighting with the family I came across an interesting piece of history.  A universal bed key from the 1700’s.  According to the description, once all the lives were saved, the next most important part of the home was the bed.  The universal bed key was used to take apart the bed so it could be carried out in pieces.

This reaffirms our belief that a bed is very important part of the home and something worth investing in.  We carry a full assortment of beds from quality,Made in USA, manufacturers available in a choice of woods and stains to complement any decor.  Whether you’re upgrading your bed or starting from scratch we can help you find the bed that meets your needs.  Enjoy your space, buy good quality furniture!  Visit us on Main St. in Saugerties 7 days a week and see the difference experience makes. photo 2