Saugerties Furniture Mart- “Quality of Furniture was exceptional.” Review

Everything we promise in the words of a satisfied customer!


Staff was knowledgeable and professional. Quality of furniture was exceptional. Delivery personnel were efficient & precise and made it look easy. Thank you. – Karen

Click here to read more of what customers are saying about Saugerties Furniture Mart.

Click here to read more of what customers are saying about Saugerties Furniture Mart.

Saugerties Furniture Mart – New has a new look and new features. We’ve changed the position of a few links and gone to a responsive design meaning you can browse our furniture on your tablet or phone easier.  Plus  more products are online than ever.   Our website is a great way to browse for new furniture without ever leaving your home, but for the full experience shop Saugerties Furniture Mart on Main St. in Saugerties NY.  We’re open 7 days a week in Saugerties.

Click here to browse our site.

Click here to browse our site.

Saugerties Furniture Mart- Customer Review 8/15/14

When we deliver your new furniture we leave a little thank you postcard that you can fill out and tell us how we did or what we can do to make your buying experience even better!  I have the pleasure of getting the mail each day and I eagerly read all the reviews.  I had to share Ms. Fisher’s review because she hits some really great points about why people shop Saugerties Furniture Mart.


Jonathan was very helpful & very patient in allowing me to sit in several recliners before selecting one. I appreciated his suggestions and advice concerning fabric choice also. There was no “high pressure” sales pitch. The chair came one week earlier than expected and the two men who delivered it were prompt and courteous and very skilled at maneuvering a large chair in a small living room. I thank you all for wonderful service!

Gratefully Yours,

B. Fisher


At Saugerties Furniture Mart we:

  • Qualify the customer and work hard to meet your needs and offer relevant advice so you’re satisfied with your purchase.
  • Never use “high pressure”
  • Have fabulous delivery people that make sure your furniture is carefully handled and placed as you like it.
  • Always provide quality furniture and a quality experience.


Click here to read more reviews of our store!

Click here to read more reviews of our store!


Saugerties Furniture Mart – Quality Furniture is the original Eco-Friendly Furniture!

It seems like I hear another story about another piece of furniture that was built of substandard quality or was inappropriate for a consumers needs that has to be trashed – and it makes me sad.  Disposable furniture is everywhere today.  What can seem like a great deal can quickly deteriorate into a living room annoyance!    All this cheap, disposable, shoddy furniture ends up in our landfills.  Quality furniture like what we sell at Saugerties Furniture Mart will last longer and very often, from customer feedback, is passed on to another generation for continued use.    Quality American Made Furniture is the original Eco-Friendly furniture.   Better quality furniture has wood frames vs. composite chip board and steel springs instead of plastic webbing etc. You may think quality = more $$$, but you’re wrong!  Buying right once is always less expensive than buying twice!   Here’s some advice when shopping for furniture.   Be a smart shopper ask what’s inside, how its made, & where its made so you don’t end up with a wobbly uncomfortable piece of furniture.  At  Saugerties Furniture Mart we stick to a “family standard” above the rest when selecting furniture and vendors to offer to our customers.  We’d love to you show you what’s inside and help you pick the right furnishings for your home.    You’ll be amazed at how much quality you can get for your $  at Saugerties Furniture Mart. Saugerties Furniture Mart is open 7 days a week to help YOU!  No pressure, just knowledgeable help, the kind only a multi-generational family owned store can provide. Check out the constructions of our Smith Bros. of Berne sofas below!  Just one quality USA Made brand we offer.


Frame Construction

  • Reinforced Joints

    All high-stress joints are double-dowelled, glued, screwed, and reinforced with solid maple corner blocks, making them extremely durable.

  • Built-in Legs

    Legs are built directly into frames, not attached separately as a final step.

  • Hand-made Quality

    All frames are assembled by hand by skilled experts.

  • Hardwood Maple

    All Smith Brothers frames are built from the finest kiln-dried maple hardwoods.

  • In-house Mill Room

    Our lumber is cut and our frames are assembled by our own experienced craftsmen at our facilities in Berne. We do not outsource our framing as many furniture manufacturers do.

  • Strong Base Rails

    The critical, load-bearing front and back rails are made of 1 1/4″ solid maple lumber for superior strength and to eliminate warping in the frame.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We offer a lifetime warranty on every frame, guaranteed against warping or breakage.

Spring Units

  • Coil Spring Units

    Under every seat cushion is a pre-engineered, heavy-gauge coil spring unit. These units are the best available in the industry and ensure rugged durability for many years.

  • Bent-Up Front Edges

    The front edges on most of our spring units are elevated and flexible, providing soft seating even at the very end of the seat, and increasing the wearability of this high-stress area.

  • Secured by Hand

    Coil spring units are positioned by hand to the frame using high-quality suspension springs.

  • Firmer Outer Coils

    The coils along the edges of our spring units are made of a thicker wire than the coils in the center, so the seat is firmer on the outside for more support.

  • Individual Support

    Coil spring units are individually supported in each position so each person sits independently.

  • Silent Operation

    Our coil spring connections are insulated with protective coating to eliminate noise as you sit and get out of the seat.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We offer a lifetime warranty on every seat spring unit against breakage and loss of resiliency.

Foam and Padding

  • Highest Quality Foam

    Our seating foam cores are the highest quality available to the furniture industry.

  • Fiber-Wrapped

    We wrap all seat cushions individually in a layer of polyester fiber for perfect contour and softness.

  • Well-Padded Arms

    We pad each arm with foam, cotton, and fiber for maximum comfort and a beautiful, finished look.

  • Chambered Backs

    Back cushion fiber is blown into chambered bags to minimize settling and sagging over time.

  • Firmness Options

    We offer three different foam core firmness levels so you can find the seat that matches your needs.

  • Quality Testing

    Foam cores we receive from our vendors are put through specialized testing to confirm that they are consistent to our exacting standards.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We offer a lifetime warranty on all seat foam cores against flattening or loss of resiliency.

Motion Furniture

  • Hardwood Frames

    Like our stationary furniture, we use the finest hardwood maple for our motion frames, and reinforce all high-stress joints with double dowels, screws, glue, and corner blocks.

  • Triangle Brackets

    As an added measure of support in the high-stress areas of our pressback recliners, we use heavy duty triangle metal brackets in the joint corners.

  • Exclusive Arm Supports

    We designed our own exclusive arm support system to reduce the arm wobble that is common to other manufacturers’ recliners.

  • Coil Spring Seat Units

    We use coil spring seating units—an uncommon feature is most motion furniture.

  • No-Sag® Back Springs

    Where most manufacturers use a woven fabric to support the backs, we use No-Sag® back springs in most pieces.

Saugerties Furniture Mart- Summer Floor Sample Clearance!

It’s been a busy week of meeting with our various vendors to plan out our floor for the Fall selling season, but we have to make some room before all the new styles arrive. So…its time for a Summer Floor Sample Clearance!  We’ve marked over 100 items/sets down for immediate delivery.  Save hundreds off our Everyday Low Prices on the same great quality you expect from Saugerties Furniture Mart.  Stop by Saugerties Furniture Mart on Main St in Saugerties and look for the yellow Clearance tags throughout the store!


Take a Virtual Tour of Saugerties Furniture Mart’s 4 Floors!

We may be approaching our 67th anniversary but we are hip with the times in both furniture fashion and Google tools!     I couldn’t wait to take advantage of Google creating a virtual tour of our family’s store with their Street View Technology and Eric Wood of Inside Three Sixty made it happen.  I think he did a great job!   Click here to take a Virtual Tour of our 4 HUGE floors full of quality American Made furniture.  You can navigate through our store just like on Google Street Maps.  Use the buttons on the right to move between our 4 huge floors!

Store Front

Click on the Store Front for the Virtual Tour  –  Stop by 7 days a week to see what makes Saugerties Furniture Mart a destination for furniture shoppers from the Hudson Valley and Capital District regions.

Stearns & Foster Memorial Day 2014 – SALE SAVE $300!

Here is  a compelling reason to but a new Stearns & Foster Mattress set – $300 off ANY SIZE!  This limited time deal runs till 5/31/14.   Let’s get you sleeping better on a Stearns & Foster Mattress Set.  Free delivery, setup and removal of your old bedding is included!

Comfort Levels Available:

  • Ultra Firm
  • Luxury Firm
  • Cushioned Firm
  • Plush
  • Plush Pillowtop

See all our Stearns & Foster Mattresses here on our site:

Signs You Need a New Mattress

1.  You wake up with numbness, stiffness, aches & pains

2. You’ve had a better night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed, for example a hotel or relatives house.

3.  Your mattress has dips, valleys, craters or shows “signs of overuse” (credit for the words in quotes goes to the Better Sleep Council- but I love it!)

4.  Your mattress is more than 8 years old –  Your body is constantly changing and your old mattress may not fit your needs today.

When its time for a new mattress trust Saugerties Furniture Mart, with over 66 years experience, to help you sleep better.  We carry an assortment of Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns & Foster & Tempurpedic mattresses for you to choose from, all made in the USA!  Try any mattress and get a FREE education on how you can sleep better than goes beyond just the mattress.   We’re all family and we’re here to help you be more rested.

Made in Albany, NY to be exact!

Our Sealy & Stearns & Foster Mattresses are made right in Albany, NY

The Path To Better Sleep

We could all benefit from a better night’s sleep.  Good sleep is key to better health.  Better, deeper, more restorative sleep comes from a quality mattress.  This means your bed or mattress, however you like to say it, is as important as your gym membership and an overall healthy lifestyle.

I know that buying a mattress is not a want, but rather a need 99% of the time.  With so many choices in the marketplace it can be confusing just as to what is the right choice.  Fret no more!  Saugerties Furniture Mart has been selling quality mattresses for over 66 years.  We like to think we have learned a thing or two about what makes a good comfortable mattress and how to properly qualify a customer to help them pick out the right one.  We carry an assortment of Sealy Posturpedic, Stearns & Foster, and Tempurpedic pressure relieving mattresses to suit all bodies and budgets.  Stop by Main St in Saugerties and see the difference Experience Makes!

Here’s a quick list of comfort levels that we stock today!

Click here to shop Sealy Posturpedic

Click here to shop Sealy Posturpedic

Click here to shop Stearns & Foster

Click here to shop Stearns & Foster

Click here to shop Tempurpedic

Click here to shop Tempurpedic

Ultra Firm mattresses provide very solid support with the least amount of soft conformance or yield. These are the firmest mattress styles available.

Firm mattresses provide substantial support with minimal cushioning. These mattresses have a firmer feel but still allow for some conformance to the body.

Cushion Firm mattresses offer the solid support of a firm bed but with added softness for a subtle, body-cradling feel.

Plush mattresses offer soft comfort at the surface with support coming from further within the mattress than firmer models. The effect is a soft, cradled feel.

Luxury Plush mattresses provide the softest sleep surface with substantial conformance to the body.


Pillowtop mattresses cradle and support the body with layers of soft, conforming foams added to the top of a mattress.

2014 Stearns & Foster Signature, Estate & Lux Estate Mattresses

The new 2014 Stearns & Fosters are a great addition our new mattress gallery.  A Stearns & Foster mattress is an investment in your personal well being.  Indulgent comfort, the best material and the best craftsmanship are sewn into every Stearns & Foster mattress made today.  The 2014 Stearns & Foster mattresses are the best in their class with improved higher density foams which are all Gel infused for cooler sleeping and long lasting durability.

All Stearns & Foster Mattresses have:

  • Titanium Encased Coils – More durability & less motion transfer
  • PrimaCool Quilt with OUTLAST – More effective at removing excess heat
  • Solid Brass Air Vents – increased breathability
  • Gel Memory Foam comfort layers – reduces pressure on the body while staying cool
  • Stabilux HD edge – Firm like steel – comfortable like foam –Estate-Roomshot
    Encased Coils & Gel Foams

    Encased Coils & Gel Foams

    allowing you to sleep edge to edge with the same level of comfort


    8- hand sewn handles are on each mattress to help with positioning and making the bed

Stop by today to see our selection of Stearns & Foster Signature, Estate and Estate Lux mattress collections all available at Saugerties Furniture Mart on Main St in Saugerties.